Beware of Discounts, who monitors if you actually get a certain % off?

Beware of Hotel discounts or any product discounts, because the actually cost you are paying may not even be a discount, but rather a ploy by a Hotel or Product selling company. Many of them just want you to get your foot in the door, then you are stuck. Just remember and pay attention to who monitors whether or not you are getting a discount. It is like those who monitor their own Hotel Reviews or Consumer Satisfaction comments. We at want to be Your All Consumer Satisfaction website. Encourage those Hotel Chains to network or connect with Together we can make sure that a Business Franchise is providing #1 Consumer Satisfaction services.

If you stayed at a Hotel or bought a Product & were not satisfied? Would you continue to patronage or buy product?

With all the discussion surrounding “Consumer Satisfaction or Customer Service”, where do most Businesses stand when it comes to actually meeting those Standards of their Consumers or Customers? Do they really mean what they say or is their Product/Business receiving Positive feedback in meeting their needs? And if not, why then do the Consumers continue to patronage or buy these products? Let’s be real and demand better communication or follow-up tn making sure Everyone is satisfied. Especially, those who cannot speak up for themselves or may be living with a disability (confined to a wheelchair or mobility impairment) and just want to be treated fair. Take the time to be hospitable and most importantly, do not take Your Customers/Consumers for Granted~!

Customer Satisfaction, what does it mean? Do Hotels or Businesses truly mean what they say?

When a Hotel or Business claims Consumer Satisfaction is their top priority, what does this really mean? I have traveled extensively over the last 30 years. More recently have I noticed that these types of establishments continue to state, either in writing or through marketing Consumers are what keeps them open. However, when they speak of Consumer’s are they truly including everyone, especially those who are wheelchair confined, have a mobility impairments or require any type of accommodations or modifications when it comes to access in living independent without obstructions or barriers. Hotels or Business establishments should want to include everyone. And the best way to represent everyone is gather input or feedback from those who need you to support their patronizing your establishment. The bottom line is, if you say you are all about Consumer Satisfaction then we all should be able to part take in everyday’s life experiences. Especially the ability to pick and choose where we want to stay at a particular Hotel or have access to a business. Finally, it also helps to make renovations or changes to allow access. Please stop with the barriers!

For Your Information (FYI) & What’s your thoughts?

Information from a recent survey conducted on website, 90% of respondents would rather use a shower while staying at a Hotel. It also does not matter if there is a bathtub. Then, why do almost all Hotel nationwide in the U.S. continue to put in a bathtub with shower faucets. Why not just include a walk-in or roll-in shower type, this way you are using “Universal Design” or inclusion for all. As far as cost and manufacture input, I am sure that there cost for these products would go down, as you request more of the product. As a person living with a disability-confined to a wheelchair, I am sick and tired, just as many of my friends with similar experiences are, having to be the minority when it comes to an accommodation or modification at a Hotel. Is it not time that Hotels work towards Consumer Satisfaction representation. Listen to your customers, we all can make experiences at a Hotel better for everyone. Keep in mind when constructing a new Hotel, why not put in 90% walk-in or roll-in type showers.

Our Hotel Reviews are Real, Honest and from a Consumer who actually was there!

In lieau, of most recent National discussion about the recent lawsuit brought on by website company, claiming a Law Firm posted or shared Fake Reviews. Our Hotel Reviews, Consumer Satisfaction comments, Blogs and other input shared are from Real and Honest Consumers. We at want to reassure those coming to our website that everything is on the up and up, that is primarily why this website is FREE. We also want to serve as a Hotel or Business establishment outside Evaluator. Besides, there needs to be a neutral website on the world wide web, who actually maintain some type of Credibility. We will continue to offer content of information and/or web pages that provide the best and #1 Consumer Satisfaction website.

Medical Equipment or Building Reviews, New Page coming to this website~

We, at want to address your Consumer Satisfaction on what your experience has been with a Medical Equipment or Assistive Device, i.e., oxygen machine, walker, wheelchair. We also want to reach out and expand to include your thoughts on a Building experience. This may include your general thoughts or more specifically, was there any accessibility concerns you want to share. Well, in just a short time, this website will be including a New Page that allows you to share with others. We will also follow up with the product manufacture or building owner to network and/or share your Review. The bottom line is we want to allow the Consumer the opportunity to dictate how a product delivers satisfaction and for facility or building owners a fair/neutral media outlet. This is our ultimate goal, to bridge the gap between Consumers and those who or what they encounter on a daily basis. So continue to watch for the New change to the website pages. Also, please send a comment or share your opinions on the Forum or send to:

What’s Your thoughts when you see this emblem/signage?

What’s your thoughts when you see this Universal symbol? At the National level, the Federal Government and organizational advocates support the need for a symbol that allows individuals with mobility impairments to have recognition. Or for those who are able bodied to understand and appreciate this symbol. Also, allow law enforcement procedures and standards to comply with enforcement. Let me know your thoughts, as I am working on getting feedback to whether or not this symbol is still a recognizable emblem that individuals with disabilities, in particular those with mobility impairments can count on, when approaching a parking area, designated for those who require these parking spaces. clipart.Hotel.#6.6.13

Hotels should not only use their websites/comment cards to evaluate Consumer Satisfaction~

Hotels should not only use their websites or comment cards to evaluate Consumer Satisfaction. In fact, they should work with or network with other outside websites that provide Only Consumer Satisfaction evaluation feedback services. I would encourage these Hotels or Businesses who are addressing Consumer Satisfaction and/or Accessibility to consider contacting the President/Manager of to discuss how this website can best serve the Hotel establishment, business and those customers they serve. Working with an outside evaluator can bring all Big rewards. Let’s work together to allow Consumers to appreciate their feedback and continue to provide Top notch services, including improving Accessibility & Accommodations for all Customers.

Top Two Tips from a Frequent Traveler


I travel a lot, from Death Valley to Devils Lake, from Tunis, Tunisia to New York, New York. Let me give you two tips that, if you follow them, will allow you to reduce your travel  stress by 100%.

First, give yourself enough time. Take however much time you expect it will take you to get from point A to point B and double it. If everything goes right, you could get through customs in Atlanta in an hour. Do not book a connecting flight less than TWO hours after you arrive in the county. Trust me.

If everything goes right, you can make it to LAX from my house in 15 minutes. Give yourself at least 30 because you never know how traffic is going to be.

Whatever the airline tells you is the minimal amount of time to be at the airport in advance, be there at least a half-hour sooner than that.

Bring a laptop, a good book, your knitting, whatever. Yes, you may be waiting an hour for your plane, but you can wait calmly and get something done, instead of being frazzled as the line crawls through security and you miss your flight.

Second, whatever it is you MUST have, never let go of it. My passport, credit cards, phone and laptop go into a bag that I don’t let out of my hands except when it goes through the X-ray machine. If there is anything else I have to have – medicine, a projector for a presentation, handouts, a judo uniform or a business suit  – if I need it when I get there, I never let it out of my sight. Generally, I wear something acceptable to meet/ give a talk in on to the plane, so even if all of my luggage gets lost, it won’t be more than a minor irritation. I can show up at my meeting with everything I have to have and look reasonably competent.

What’s up with all the New Discounts, Coupons or Codes for Hotel Reservations?

What’s your thoughts on all the Hotel Discounts, Coupons or Codes offered to Customers. I have seen alot more of them lately on the televison. Either as a commercial directly from the Hotel website or from some other form of Hotel discount affiliate, such as Travago, Priceline, Orbitz, etc. All seem to be offering similar discounts. Many all also including Hotel Reviews or Customer Forums, just like my website started a year ago. Glad to see everybody is jumping on board. However, the Big difference or Main difference is that this website is not connected, linked or committed to any Hotel chain, Business facility. In fact, it is the only website serving as Outside Evaluator to such entities or Hotels. What would you rather see, a website that is Free and able to do what it wants, keeping in mind the bottom line – Customer Satisfaction or a website that is obligated to oneside with favorable reviews. Well, my website does not do that, in fact, it is open to Postive or Negative Hotel Reviews and a copy of your Hotel Review, Business Facility or Accessiblity comment is sent to the Hotel or Facility to try and resolve issues. No other website or enity on the World Wide Web is this involved in Customer Satisfaction as offers to anyone visiting the website. So, take your time. look over all the pages, share your comments or Hotel Review. Thanks for your time. Just to offer a little more human story to the Blog, check out pictures attached~clipart.Hotel.#6.6.13