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Willie Davis, Website President/ Manager

Advertisement Cost for Website

Introductory Offer for 5 months


  • Advertise on Website for your Business, Products, Marketing or Campaign Display on Side Bar Banner (You provide the picture & content of Ad Display)
  • $30 for One Month Or contact to discuss other Ad special discounts!
  • $120 discount for 5 months, regularly $150 Or contact to discuss other Ad special discounts!
  • Advertisement will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Contacts & networking to thousands of Yahoo messengers, Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or other social media members
  • Good way to promote & market your business, product or platform
  • Good way to gather support & discussion Forums
  • Opportunity to give input or feedback with E-mail contacts
  • Serve as Business support Networking & Sponsorship


For more information or if you want to place an Advertisement/Campaign Display please e-mail: or telephone 701-389-0382 (leave message)


  1. Monique Vondall says:

    Hi Willie: I am running for Chief Judge, what kind of discount for Tribal elections do you have going on for an ad? I’m working on my ad campaign now.

    Monique Vondall

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