Dedicated to my friend & Partner in crime, the late Randy C. Morin (pictured lower left)

Willie Davis                                                                     

Back some 7 years ago with nephews Tanner (standing), Easton & niece Mallorie

The accessiblehotels.org site opened for business in January, 2012 but has been in the works for much longer. When discussion began while the Website founder & President was traveling to National Wheelchair Poolplayers (NWPA) tournaments, throughout the United States in 2001. Like many individuals with disabilities, Willie Davis, was frustrated by the difficulty finding accessible hotels, as well as the limited accommodations they were providing. That is why he decided to establish a 5 Star Hotel rating system for Consumer Satisfaction for those living with a disability and those requiring special needs. But, he wanted to take it one step further and include documents in the form of downloads, other networking links who address disability laws & federal regulations for improving the lives of these individuals. Because, he himself is living with a disability (T 7/8 paraplegic) confined to a wheelchair some 31 years, as the result of a car accident.

The accommodations needed by an individual in a wheelchair are not anything that would not be helpful to many hotel guests – that is, a working elevator, space to maneuver around the bed in the hotel room, a conveniently located telephone and a shower. Some hotels do a great job in meeting these needs but, without a community sharing information, it is hard to know which are the most accessible hotels in a city.

The type of accommodation needed can also vary. For an individual with a visual impairment or blindness, the availability of Braille menus or a convenient area to walk a guide dog may be more important than a roll-in shower.

For meeting planners, the number of accessible rooms is important. When planning an event for a group like the National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association, a large number of rooms that are wheelchair accessible will be needed. Other groups, that address disability issues, such as the Consortium of Administrators of Native American Rehabilitation (CANAR)Little People of America (LPM), all have a significant number of people attending their events who need accommodations, of various types of requirements that will allow them to live independent lives.

Asking the hotels themselves isn’t the best idea. That’s kind of like asking someone to rate the attractiveness of their children. So, we settled on this idea – let’s ask people with disabilities themselves, and their family members, to rate the hotels and give us their feedback on the ones they like best. The website is all about improving and giving those with disabilities and/or special needs a place to share their concerns and comments. One final footnote, although I can claim most of the credit & idea to develop this website, my late close friend, partner in crime (as we use to refer to ourselves) Randy C. Morin was a major driving force in pushing me to follow through in addressing how Hotels dealt with Consumer Satisfaction or Customer Services. Especially since he competed & traveled one year more than me on the NWPA pool circuit. Koodo’s to you my good friend, may you rest in the afterworld knowing we here on Earth or contuining the Fight – Megwich (Ojibwe for Thank You) for what you have thought me & the Disability movement!


To be part of the first of our regular surveys, click here, to take a two-minute survey on accessible hotels. 


  1. Nice site, beautiful picture of you Willie with such sweet little ones. Take care!

  2. Judy Rieke says:

    I recently visited two islands in Hawai’i and would like to comment on the accessibility of the two hotels where we stayed. First was the Waikiki Resort Hotel, 2460 Koa Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815 on the island of Oahu. It was very accessible and has three rooms with roll-in-showers. The staff were very gracious, and they seemed eager to help everyone. The dining room had seating on the entry level so wheel chairs can be accommodated. There was a ramp leading into the lobby from the driveway. The buses on Oahu are very friendly to wheelchair riders. They lower the whole bus and a ramp is lowered. Once on the bus the chairs are secured in the front of the bus after regular seats are folded up. I witnessed several riders who traveled comfortably.
    The second hotel was the Maui Beach Hotel, 170 Ka’ahumanu Avenue, Kahului, HI 96732 on the island of Maui. It too had several options for handicapped visitors, including roll-in- showers. However, the hallways to the rooms are security controlled and there was no automatic dooropener. This would create real problems for visitors in wheelchairs. Hopefully my negative comments regarding this feature will be considered and modified.
    Otherwise either of these hotels would be a good choice when visiting the islands.

  3. Jackie Brien says:

    Thanks Willy the ad looks great! It was so kind of you to offer your site to help us out. Again thanks, I’ll let you know what kind feed back we get.
    Jackie Brien

    • admin says:

      Just trying to do what I can to get the word out. Fund-raising for the Youth or Non-profits is dear to my heart. I hope you will get more contacts or find support to help Seth reach his goal of raising $5000 to attend Down Under – Good luck!

  4. mich says:

    nice site. . . seems like you are building a good core. would you like to have a link to your site on movementonwheels.com?

    regards –


  5. Willie says:

    Hey Mich, havn’t heard from you in awhile, how the website going? http://www.movemomentonwheels.com

  6. Michelle Davison says:

    What a great idea & a great disappointment. I used the search engine to find a hotel, tried to book a room … no choice to book a handicapped room! Just like all the other sites ….. really y’all? Then using your tips, “cal the hotel to find out what floor the ha room is on”, no phone numbers …. 🙁

    • Willie says:

      Yes it would be nice of Hotels to get on board with Links that guarantee a booking and include contact #’s at the Hotel, not a National affiliate. Rest assured that http://www.accessiblehotels.org is working on concerns you have shared. Thanks so much for the Posting and continue to support the #1 Consumer Satisfaction website~

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