Ramada Inn, Grand Forks, ND

From: Paula D

Hotel Review: Ramada Inn, Grand Forks, ND

Willie, I have been wanting to tell you what it is like when we go to a hotel. Well first of all some motels do not have refrigerators in their rooms so then we have no where to store Rick’s insulin and then every hotel I have been in does not have enough electrical outlets for the guest to use for medical equipment! Wyatt has to have an outlet for his cochlear implant battery charger and another one for his cochlear implant dryer. I have to have one by the bed for my sleep apnea machine. Not to mention 2 cell phone and an IPad! I have to carry extension cords and a couple or those power surges with multiple outlets in our suitcase every time we have to stay some where. The outlets that they do have are so few and are being used by the hotel for the TV, frig, microwave, & alarm clock and sometimes lamps! Just thought I would share this with you, I know you can’t change every hotel in America!!

Rating: None

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