Windgate by Wynham Hotel in Bismarck, ND

From: Ella Davis Hotel Name: Windgate by Wynham                                                                 Hotel Location:Bismarck, ND                           […]

Our Hotel Reviews are Real, Honest and from a Consumer who actually was there!

In lieau, of most recent National discussion about the recent lawsuit brought on by website company, claiming a Law Firm posted or shared Fake Reviews. Our Hotel Reviews, Consumer Satisfaction comments, Blogs and other input shared are from Real and Honest Consumers. We at want to reassure those coming to our website that everything […]

Medical Equipment or Building Reviews, New Page coming to this website~

We, at want to address your Consumer Satisfaction on what your experience has been with a Medical Equipment or Assistive Device, i.e., oxygen machine, walker, wheelchair. We also want to reach out and expand to include your thoughts on a Building experience. This may include your general thoughts or more specifically, was there any […]

What’s Your thoughts when you see this emblem/signage?

What’s your thoughts when you see this Universal symbol? At the National level, the Federal Government and organizational advocates support the need for a symbol that allows individuals with mobility impairments to have recognition. Or for those who are able bodied to understand and appreciate this symbol. Also, allow law enforcement procedures and standards to […]