Beware of Companies who are in the business to sell? Are they about Customer Satisfaction?

Have you been seeing more Marketing and Promotion from Hotel Chains/Booking companies, who are using discount coupons or other incentives to lure you to book a room. Customer Beware? Make sure you are receiving what you are paying for? And if there are those Customers who are truly satisfied with a deal or discount they have received from any of these Hotel chains or Booking companies, please come and share your experience or comments on my website

As a Free Consumer Satisfaction website my main concern is that we as Customers of a Hotel, Business, Facility or any type of receiving a service are spoken up for and acknowledged. That’s why we encourage many of these business types to link up, network or allow my website to serve as Outside Evaluator in providing Hotel Reviews, that are unbiased and include a follow-up with concern or comment. Basically, we try to resolve any accessible, accommodating, modification or other concern you may have in addressing your Consumer Satisfaction~


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