Another Cruiseline Disaster, what’s your thoughts on Consumer Satisfaction?

I see there was another Cruiseline Disaster or Fire incident this past weekend. What’s your thoughts about how they are addressing Consumer Satisfaction. All passengers apparently got a refund. But, what about those traveling who are in a wheelchair or have mobility impairment? How were they treated or provided assistance. Traveling by water can be […]

Why is it important to Submit a Hotel Rebview to this website

Why is it important to Submit a Hotel Review to this website ?  Because, we follow-up with the Hotel to resolve or share the Hotel Review with them. Many of these Hotels are also glad to hear postive Consumer Satisfaction comments. But, mostly we at want to address or change a Hotels accommodations […]

Should Hotels or Facilities be allowed to Evaluate themselves for Consumer Satisfaction?

I have always believed that when you allow a Fox to watch the Chicken Koop, they eventually eat all the chickens. Just as is the case with a Hotel or Business Facility, owners or those in Management do not take notice, in most cases what is needed or recommended by persons staying at or visiting […]