This website is about Consumer Satisfaction & All others, need not enter or share a Post!

Please, please keep in mind that this website is All about Consumer Satisfaction. So, if you are trying to post falicious or bogust information, just to Hack or maliciously do damage to a website, shame on you~ Do you realize that there are people living with disabilities, who require special needs, have a family member […]

Need for All Wheelchair Sports Channel ~ Is there one out there, if not, someone should start one~!

With all the Wheelchair Sports that is out there nowadays, it would be nice if there was a All Wheelchair Sports channel, that is available 24 hours a day. Especially, with the recent Wheelchair Games held in London this past year. As it was, there was much difficulty to watch LIVE, just lilke the able-bodies […]

Do you require assistance daily and/or in need of Personal Care Attendent (PCA)?

Well, some of your asked for a picture that reflects who I am & reference to my discussion on this Post. As you can see I am surrounded my nephews & niece, the next generation to come. It is in part that I have continued to be as independent and free wheeling as I have […]