New Additions & Changes to format of website

I just wanted to share with those receiving Blogs via RSS Feed or those new to the website┬áThe website has Ads broken into 3 catagories, so you will see on both sides of website. There is also the addition of search box, so that you can locate a hotel to meet your needs. […]

Caesar’s Palace

Of all of the cities I have been (and I have traveled a lot!) Las Vegas has got to be one of the most accessible. Just take a look at this entry to Caesar’s Palace. The lobby area, casino and everywhere you go in the hotel is just as flat, smooth surface with wide hallways, […]

Lying, how much does this hurt your Cause!

In light of the discussion about Cyclling at the National & International levels and whether or not lies were committed by Lance Armstrong who is being accused, as well as losing all of his Tour De France medals. Also, whether or not Tyler Hamilton is lying, to me is only the beginning to something bigger. […]