Novetel Hotel in Brussels

From: Cindy Gorlewski <> Best disabled bathroom in a hotel room…huge, wet room, bars lower on both sides of toilet, wide doors.  The room itself was great, bed was excellent.  Lobby and venues were easy to manouever.  Entrance was great Rating: 4

Need more Investors, TV Programs or Someone promoting home modifications & accessibility

I watched the television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC network tonight, Saturday July 21, 2012. It was really heart-warming and I think will open up more eyes to how we perceive or put limits on others. The family on this episode has a little person (dwarfs) in their famiy who was having a difficult […]

What’s your Home like when it comes to an Accommodation, Assistive Technology or Accessibility?

As a person living with a disability, confined to a wheelchair for the last 31 years I have dealt with some major barriers in my own home. many of which can be changes to accommodate my daily living and getting around better. For most of us who have a disability or who have special needs, […]