Accessible in Old Montreal: Jardin Nelson

The good news and bad news. The bad news is that Jardin Nelson is probably as far into Old Montreal as you are going to get in a wheelchair. The streets throughout the area are steep, often cobblestones, sidewalks narrow. It’s just not very accessible. Two pieces of good news. First, if you really want […]

Queen Elizabeth Fairmont – Montreal – Five Stars

As you can see above, the Queen Elizabeth gives you plenty of sleeping room. It is easy to get a wheelchair around and between the beds. The table in the corner is the perfect height if you’d like to sit in a wheelchair and work on your computer. Everything in the room is easy access. […]

Do you have complaint or need issue addressed for Hotel, Building or Facility Accessbility and/or Accommodation?

Have stayed at a Hotel and been disatisfied about Customer Service or had an issue with accessibility of the building or room? Or was there an accommodation issue with not being able to use the shower, height of bed in room or just not enough room to get around? Then, you should consider coming to […]

Network, Link Up or Place Ad on this Website

If you are in the Customer Service, Consumer Satisfaction business, then you should consider networking or linking up with this website: It is a new but old system of recognition & delivery of Consumer Satisfaction that incorporates ratings with evaluation of Service Delivery as the primary outcome & purpose of this website: If […]