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RSS Feed is a direct connect to New Blog & Forum Post for When you click the RSS Feed button on Forum page you will be given this message, You are viewing a feed that contains frequently updated content. When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated […]

Facebook & Public Stock – Sales and Profits not meeting Consumer Satisfaction

There has been much discussion and debate of the stock put up for public sale this past week. From some’s inability to cancel stock trades to other major cliches in handling of this IPO by Morgan Stanley – raising the prices and lack of performance of stock, . Blame can be placed solely on Facebook, […]

Accessible & Accommodation standards should include Bed requirements, including certain types! Sleep Number?

From my travels and staying at different hotels I have experienced good nights of sleeping and those nights where nothing I could do was comfortable, all due to the type of bed I was sleeping on. As I reflect back some 25 years I remember a small hotel just east of Devils Lake, ND I […]

Mystic Lake Casino & Hotel, Shakopee Minnesota

Spent two nights at this hotel, nice hotel, but too overpriced. One night was $179.00 but no tax, that was alright. Rating: 1

Book Review – Old Friends “From the case files of the dead CIA” By: Montgomery Monette & Lori Hess

I read a recent book given to me by Montgomery “Monty” Monette titled, “Old Friends – from the files of the dead CIA”. It was a colloborative effort by a friend he met at a Ranaissance Festival. The book is 229 pages of tantelizing humour and entrige. It takes place in a small town. For […]

Sports Fans – More than a proud viewers, Moral Obligation!

I just as many others who are Sports Fans, have a moral obligation to make sure that these athletes are afforded Compreshensive Mental Health Evaluation? Where are those Owners, Presidents or for that matter the Commissioner’s of these Professional Sports. In lieau of the most recent death of a major NFL Sports figure, who was […]