The DP Show, today it showed a compasionate side, chosen not to drink alcohol & drive!

The DP Show today I thought was more than that about Sports & Entertainment. It was refreshing for someone to say that they were intoxicated to drive, whether or not they admit it on national television, it was a great thing to share this. As a person living with a disability, confined to a wheelchair […]

New Hotels or Expanding should up their number of Roll-in-Showers, as much as 50%

The more I become involved and research Hotels compliance with the Architectural Barriers Design regulations, whether it is on the State or Federal levels, most do not fully comply. Moreover, these regulations & architectural designs should work towards providing a minimum of 50% accessibility & accommodation standards. Mainly how the bathrooms are designed, where at […]

Should I take it upon myself & initiate better way to address Mobility Impaired Parking enforcement?

I have been trying to work with many local businesses, organizations & even the local law enforcement to provide appropriate and necessary mobility impaired parking procedures. Manily along the lines of posting signs that are in compliance with Tribal Codes & Procedures for enforcement. However, there is been little to no success and it has […]

Autism & Spectrum Disorder – Do you have stories, experiences or insight? Share your thoughts!

I have been getting considerable comments via Facebook & Yahoo contacts on the Subject of Autism and/or Spectrum Disorder. What’s your thoughts? Do you have a family member or are you a person whose life is effected by Autism or Spectrum Disorder? If so, then you have a story to tell. Others could benefit from […]

Difference between manual wheelchair & electric motorized! What’s your thoughts?

As I have gotten older I have deliberated or procrastinated whether to invest in another form of getting around. Presently, I am using a Quickie II manual wheelchair and have for almost the duration of the 31 years I have been confined to a wheelchair. My first type of wheelchair was 50 plus pounds and […]

How can this website help me with advertisement?

This is a very common question and is one that has been asked every time I have gotten a response to Advertise on my website – how can this website help me with advertisement? It does not matter if it was a local business in Rolette County, a individually owned or franchise affiliated Hotel or […]

Ramkota – Rapid City, SD

I, being able bodied, had to stand on top of the toilet seat to shut the bathroom door. It appears that the bathroom was built with a door that should swing outward. It surprised me when I walked into the bathroom and the door hit the tub. The rest of the hotel was accessible. Rating: […]

Sleep Inn – Minot, ND

My husband and I attended a wedding held at the Sleep Inn. My husband is paralyzed on the left side and in a wheelchair. The room, they assured us, was handicapped accessible. It was not. We could not get his wheelchair between the two beds and when I called, they said there was nothing they […]

How do you locate Accessible Hotels? Would you like a One Stop place to find this information?

How do you presently locate an Accessible Hotel? or what the Federal Government terms “Handicapped Accessible”? Do you look in the telephone book, go online with those websites such as Priceline, Orbitz,, etc? Do you get suggestions from friends or family members? Well now you can help establish the First Website that can ehlp […]

What’s your thoughts about the Dan Patrick Show?

As a person living with a disability and one who spends his mornings busy working on his business on the internet, it is enjoyable to see on television that there are still shows that offer those with diverse backgrounds #1 Entertainment. It does not matter if you are for entertainment, sports, comedy, softeness or hardness. […]