Share your Hotel Review & Help others with your experiences!

What has your Hotel experience been like? Are you getting the best in Consumer Satisfaction? or do you feel there could be improvements with accessibility and accommodations. This should include any and all issues you have while you stayed at the Hotel. Your input and comments are and should be Valued! Speak up and let […]

The Culture of Hazing on College campuses – My people have long history of Prejudism!

Where are we at when it comes to Racial Profiling or allowing one race to be picked on more than the norm? What’s going on at college or university campuses with hazing? Remember, when most high schools were allowed to have a day of “hazing” or what is called “Freshman Initiation”, similar to what these […]

Leadership & a little kindness could change the world!

I was watching a ABC news special that aired sometime back in the fall of 2011, it was called, “children of the prairie” and it told the story of families, especially the children living on the Pine Ridge reservation. The more I watched the show, the more I began to reflect just how much similar […]

Accessible Standards need new Federal Mandate for Hotel Room Accessible Standards?

When it comes to Accessible Standards for Hotels, especially those regulations & procedures that specify the required number of “Handicapped Accessible” or what I would like the Federal Government to start calling these standards as “Accessible” all hotels nationwide are not providing a minimum amount of these rooms. These numbers are only as high as […]

Why hasn’t a Hotel Done this?

From my experiences and un-scientific survey there is not one Hotel chain, Resort or for that matter hotel with 100 or more rooms that have a good portion (at least half) of those requiring accessible or accommodating standards for persons with special needs. I would like to have you ponder this, especially those hotel chains […]

Waikiki Resort Hotel & Maui Beach Hotel

Hotel Name: Waikiki Resort Hotel Hotel Location: Kahului, HI Review Text: I recently visited two islands in Hawai’i and would like to comment on the accessibility of the two hotels where we stayed. First was the Waikiki Resort Hotel, 2460 Koa Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815 on the island of Oahu. It was very accessible and […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

PTSD & TBI are two types of Medical diagnosis that are classified by the Physician Desk Reference (PDR). They are also 2 diagnosis that have become more of a national discussion more recently and has focused considerably on those Service Veterans coming back from overseas, most at a mininum 6 months. According to these reports and […]

Are you Obese, Overweight or Have Experienced Issues with Airlines, Hotels or Travel?

Throughout my travels and from what I have witnessed there have been times where a person who was overweight was in my mind “discriminated against”. In many of these cases the airlines or business establishment was unwilling to compromise. When I witnessed these incidents it got me thinking about the many times that it had […]

You Pick the Topic for Consumer Satisfaction Forum

I just wanted to share with you again information about the Consumer Satisfaction Forum (CSF) where you have an opportunity to share your thoughts, give comments or Create a Topic for discussion. Part of this CSF includes the ability to connect with others who have similar experiences or may just want to learn about lifes […]

Do you have Arthritis Ailments?

Do you experience wrist, hand, arm, leg or any type of arthritic pains in your body/joints? There has been considerable discussion about athletes, who later in their life experience some type of pain in their body. As a result of the years of playing sports and the constant beating up of their bodies. And if you […]