Another Cruise Ship at mercy of Sea

I been following another Cruise Ship having issues at sea. Apparently, this Ship did not have any damage from getting too close to the shore or anything that was of “Abandone Ship”, but there was some problems, that caused the passengers to cut their trip short. Most had to stay at hotels, for which there […]

Interested in Forum?

A Consumer Satisfaction Forum will soon be up and going on this webiste. If you you have concerns, questions or just want to share input on Hotel/Motel, Business establishment, Amusement park experience or just want to discuss your experiences. Well, then you may want to check out this website in the next week or two. […]

Do you use a Guide Dog or Service Dog?

What’s your background or why do you require Guide Dog or Service Dog.? What’s been your experiences while you had this dog with you at a hotel or conference of some type. Have you had a hotel/motel or business not willing to honor guide dog or service dog accommodations? Are these types of places aware […]

Environmental Allergies – How do they impact your stay at hotel or attendance at conference?

I have encountered individuals who live with Environmental Allergies while attending a Conference, Workshop or training over the years. This got me thinking about what their lives or experiences must be like? I also was concerned how their needs and/or accomodations while staying at a hotel or attending a conference. This includes any environmental issues that […]

Hotel/Motel Review – Don’t forget to give a Star Rating from 1 to 5

For those of you who give a hotel/motel review don’t forget to give a Hotel Star Rating of your experience from 1-5 with 1 as the lowest rating and 5 as the highest rating (see previous Blog on Hotel Rating system for more detailed explanation). This Rating System is very important to the development and growth […]

Travelers With Disabilities Speak – Pay Attention!

Our first monthly poll included twenty-one individuals who either have a disability or have a family member with a disability. How many nights each year do you think the average person spent in a hotel? There is a stereotype that individuals with disabilities are low-income, don’t travel – I mean, they have disabilities, right? So […]

Networking with This Website

Although this website is attempting to bring attention to something that should be considered common sense and/or for a business Common Courtesy it has in my opinion that it has been overlooked! When it comes to Consumer Satisfaction in bringing about change. There seems to be a slacking in establishing Standards for accessibility & accommodations for […]

Where Are You? Do you have Accessibility or Accommodation concerns?

There are many of you out there, who are just like me and have experienced yourself or had a family or friend encounter a problem with accessibility and/or accommodations? I know this because of my many encounters over the last 31 plus years of living with a disability – confined to a wheelchair as the […]

Are you a Vet? Have you encountered accessible problems?

Over the years I have come into contact with individuals who were at one time Active Military personnel, many of whom had experienced a life threatening battle injury. I remember them sharing their stories in how they lost a limb or acquired some other type of wound. I also remembering sharing with them back them […]

Why Come to This Website? Do Not Assume!

We want to address and change how those with  mobility impairments experience accessibility and how their accommodation needs are provided. It should not be an Assumption that a roll-in-shower makes more sense to have in the bathroom than a bathtub, because to Assume makes you know what out of you and me? Why then would a […]