Super Bowl Week – How can we change Accessiblity or Accommodations in Indi?

With all the discussion on almost all the sports channels it got me thinking about accessibility and/or accommodation. And about just how many those living with a disability or those requiring special needs have concerns. Mostly, about what their experiences are at a hotel, tourist areas or the Colts Stadium – what it is like to […]

Why have theme contests?

How any of you out there have had those days where you couldn’t wait til it was over. And if you sum it up in 5 words or less. What would those words describe. Now, picture that coupled with living your life with a disability and/or mobility impairment 24 hours/7days a week. And no matter what […]

I want you, I need you! Are you in need of Public Forum – share thoughts & concerns

When I first created this website, my main purpose was to offer a site that allows anyone to provide input on the direction in how Hotes/Motels are providing Consumer Satisfaction. Most importantly, in how those with living with a disability and/or require special needs have a public forum. In part,my purpose was also to give individuals, […]

Hotel Drisco in San Francisco

If you’re looking for an accessible hotel in San Francisco, the Hotel Drisco isn’t it. The Drisco is a nice place to stay if accessibility isn’t an issue. But when it comes to wheelchair guests, you’re better off looking elsewhere. First off, just getting in the Hotel Drisco presents a challenge. There is likely a […]

Airlines, Trains and Cruise Ships – What’s been your experience?

I have traveled some 1000’s of miles by airlines. It did not matter if I was representing my job or taken a fleight on my way for a vacation or going to a wheelchair pool tournament. Whether or not it was in first class or coach. I was treated the sameI and had the same […]

A CANAR Conference, discussion with Phillip, Alaskan Village member. We have differences, but similarities!

I was watching the tv show flying  Wild Alaska tonight at 9:00 central, Friday on the Discovery Channel. While watching the show it got me thinking about how life must be for a person with a disability and those living requiring specials needs in Alaska, a small village, I also thought about a nice gentlemen, Phillip […]

SkyDancer Casino & Hotel Review

I have visited my friend, the late Randy C. Morin many times when he stayed at the SkyDancer. All but one time was he able to get what they call a handicapped asscessible room. The first time I came into the room, I was a little taken back on how small the room was and how […]

Four Bears Casino & Lodge

While I have not stayed at this hotel for some years I have within the last few years had the opportunity to visit the Four Bears while attending a Conference. Access to the front of the building was somewhat confusing with no marked entrance signs for registering. I also had to park some distance from […]

A day in the life

A day in the life of a person living with a disability or someone who requires special needs Have you wondered after coming into contact or observing a person living with a disability or special needs (person in a wheelchair or little person) and what their daily regimen includes? How those daily life experiences affect […]

Spirit Lake Casino & Resort

You have three options at the Spirit Lake Casino and Resort – RV Park, hotel or lakeside cabins. There is a lot of good news about this resort, but let’s just get the biggest piece of bad news out of the way first. As far as accessibility, the hotel is by FAR your best option. […]