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me.randy.2001The Late Randy C. “Jinx” Morin & Website President/Manager Willie Davis. Both have travelled extensively over the years and stayed at many hotels. Consumer Satisfaction was not a priority as they witnessed first hand. They both wanted to bridge the gap between Customers, especially those confined to wheelchairs or who have a mobility impairment ~ And those Hotels providing lodging for these customers. Including, those many who were travelling from States to States, playing on the NWPA Pool tournament  circuit. Read on and learn more about the purpose of this website!

Websites, blogs, when you start them up often have a default heading, “Hello, World!”

We’d like to say, “hello” to the world of accessible & accommodations at hotels/motels, buildings, facilities and many amusement parks, etc,. Who are patronized by families who have members with disabilities, mobility impairments or who require special needs and need better Consumer Satisfaction that affords Inclusion!

This website was created out of a personal independent living need to provide better Consumer Satisfaction in addressing accessibility & accommodations at hotels/motels, businesses, facilities, buildings in general and a whole lot more. It is the intent to bring a central location for those needing to find appropriate standards for their living needs. There are many components of this website that will hopefully assist you in finding what you need.

The website also has a component that will serve as an outside Evaluation Center for Hotels/Motels, building or facilities. Who can best be served to welcome an outside Network website for Evaluation. This would provide a more unbiased Consumer Satisfaction review that has a follow-up outcome with results. The website will work to centralize these standards for enforcement & compliance. With the support of these establishments and national legislature, there can be more accountability at all levels. However, your help is needed at the grassroots level, share your input and give comments where you can on the website – it does matter and can help the website grow. “I know first hand how much independence is appreciated or under-appreciated, and it is up to us who are confined to a wheelchair, living with a mobility impairment, parent of a special needs child, senior citizen with accessibility and/or special accommodations to work toward better, more broad based – nationwide or even worldwide, Consumer Input, that includes the best, most appropriate accessibility and/or accommodations”. Should we not have the right as a paid Patron to equal service? Whether or not a cost is involved, I know again firsthand that working with a Hotel to rectify the concern is your first approach, many can and will be eager to help~ I would like to share that I will be helping this cause by establishing a network or system that allows private or corporate hotels to apply for local or state grants and even international support to provide financial opportunities to bring about change. Starting first as a Pilot project through the ND legislature. This funding opportunity that would include matching funds, would include remodeling, modifications to accessibility or accommodations~ Hopefully, this could develop into plan with implementation by 2013, look to this website blogs, forum or newsletter for more information to come. As of July 2013, the ND Senate Bill that was presented to Committee was not approved or did not move forward, due to lack of Committee support or votes in favor. However, I will not rest, other sources of funding or private grants will be looked into, as well as, continued discussion with ND Legislatures to include future such Bills or funding allocations, quoted by Willie Davis, Website President/Manager.

We all need a Voice, Platform or Avenue to receive the appropriate Consumer Satisfaction that we are entitled to. Try living your life one day with limitations and obstacles, see how long it takes you to get frustrated and want immediate gratification? Well, then you will now see what most of us experience on a minute to minute, hour by hour and days to days. It’s not a cake walk, but what other choice to we have. Give up, rely on others? We all need to have the ability to live without restrictions. Barriers to accessibility & accommodations are a imporant deterents this website will work to broaden Consumer Satisfaction & Customer Service – on a local, state, national levels and hopefully one day to include international territories”.

Surveys & Consumer Satisfaction Forums are gathered daily and monthly. The website is also monitored and updated on a daily basis. We welcome your visits and comments as we grow our website over the next months and hopefully years.

The owner and founder of www.accessiblehotels.org is Willie Davis, a former vocational rehabilitation counselor and consultant on disability issues with over 30 years experience.

The purpose of accessiblehotels.org is:

  • To improve and allow those with disabilities to experience a independent lifestyle
  • To increase hotel knowledge and education on serving their disabled guests
  • Provide a website that will be the hub for an array of disability Information-including products, national, state and regional disability groups
  • To promote products that are useful for daily living for persons with a disability or special needs
  • Help people with disabilities locate accessible hotels and motels that meet their individual needs. This includes incorporating a 5 Star Rating system that will emphasize on Consumer Satisfaction outcomes & evaluations on Customer Services
  • Help work with state and national organizations and/or legislatures to improve education for accessibility & accommodations


To be part of the first of our regular surveys Click here to take our survey on accessible hotels.


  1. Willie says:

    This is the place for you to leave the website a personal comment about the content or give feedback that will be responded to within 24 hours! Otherwise, look through pages, enjoy this FREE Consumer Satisfaction website!

  2. Willie says:

    Do you have a Accessible or Accommodation issue to discuss, come share on forum: http://www.accessiblehotels.org/forum

  3. admin says:

    Come, celebrate 1 year on the world wide web and Small Business Internet owner. Order a t-shirt or wristband. Leave a comment or share a Hotel Review. Sign up for Quaterly Newsletter with discount coupons!

  4. Pete says:

    “Accessible Hotels” was indeed certainly
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    really difficult to carry out. Thanks, Ronda

  5. Willie says:

    Check out the New Ad for 7 Generations games (Native American game with Native characters/icons), created by my good friend Dr. Annmaria Demars, entrepreneur, educator, consultant and mother of UFC Champ Ronda Rousey.

  6. Willie says:

    Congrats again Ronda on defending your Title and remaining UFC Champ!

  7. Willie says:

    Congrats again to Ronda Rousey, now she is a entrepreneur, working with a clothing company to sell apparel, Way to Go Ronda, you keep me inspired to work even harder on my website and other things in life!

  8. Willie says:

    Do you have an opinion on whether or not Hotels should continue to install bathtubs in their bathrooms? Or should the manufactures, Hotel chains and politicians continue to work on and re-evaluate Federal Standards & Regulations to fit today’s societal needs, if you have a couple minutes, click the Survey link on this website’s Homepage! Together we can bring this concern to a more National discussion level~

  9. Willie says:

    Hello World Wide Web surfers, my message today is simple~ I need more input and comments on what can help my website grow. What can I do to bring more views or individuals to share their comments or take the time to fill out the 3 minute survey on the Home page. Let me know your thoughts and share ideas and you will be recognized!

  10. Willie says:

    What’s your thoughts about Customer Satisfaction as it pertains to Food Service or Restaurants, including those in a Hotel. My website http://www.acccessiblehotels.org would like to get you involved with Reviews or Comments in addressing Customer Satisfaction ratings, for instance, a classification from Poor Service to Excellent Service, We are also going to give them a Rating from Silver Award to Gold Award. Let me know you think, any suggestions or other ideas about this, let me know through the RSS Feed or leave a comment on the Homepage of this website!

  11. Willie says:

    There has been some comments or inquiries about Restaurant Ratings and Customer Satisfaction. In particular that there seems to be no one addressing concerns or bad Services/Food! What do you think, would you like to have a Forum or place that works to address Customer Satisfaction for Restaurants? Let this website help in providing #1 Consumer Satisfaction: http://www.accessiblehotels.org

  12. Willie says:

    Is there a National Conference or Event you are hosting and want to Market or Promote, check out http://www.accessiblehotels.org

    We can help you with a Ad, Posting or Link Page~

  13. Willie says:

    Check out the New Ads for Home, merchandise, etc. on right hand side bar of website, inquire for $$ or Post in Leave a Reply field! http://www.accessiblehotels.org

  14. Willie says:

    Check out the New Ad on website. Home for Sale in Rolette County, Belcourt, ND~

  15. Willie says:

    Taken pictures of your Hotel Room, bathrooms or other areas in the Hotel you feel will add to your Review or Posting is welcome. In fact, pictures many times help Customers see whether or not they want to stay at that Hotel, keep all Hotel Reviews and Postings coming, truly appreciate your input~

  16. Willie says:

    What’s you concerns or interest regarding Consumer Satisfaction. Give me ideas to write on for my next Blog~

  17. Willie says:

    What’s your thought’s about Hotel Shower preference? Should our Hotels be more Universally Designed by installing more Roll in Showers? It makes sense, when most people take a shower anyway. Let’s get away from Bathtubs in Hotels. We as a nation have come to far with Accessibility Barriers~

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